First Tee School Program

Since 2004, First Tee has been integrating our program into PE classes in schools across the country. We’ve trained educators at more than 10,000 elementary schools across the nation to teach our curriculum, expanding our impact. We work with the school to identify funding opportunities, such as sponsors or donations. To find the First Tee School Program nearest you, please visit our locations map.

This program aligns with national physical education standards developed by the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) and is designed to allow physical educators the ability to adjust lessons to fit their specific teaching situations in terms of class size, time, and facility type.

What’s provided:

First Tee School Program gives physical educators all the tools to get started. We provide the training, equipment, and lesson plans that integrate life skills and values with the game of golf and motor skills. We have an online community for teachers and youth leaders delivering our program, providing access to the curriculum, resources, and connections with peers delivering the program around the country.

Ready to Get Started?

To learn more about implementing this program in your school, please contact MJ at or (210) 736-8702 to request a meeting and discuss the School Program.