Josiah Reyna: First Tee – Greater San Antonio Birdie Participant

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Tell me a little bit about yourself! 
Hi! My name is Josiah Israel Reyna, I am 12 years old, and I am in 6th grade at Joe. J . Bernal Middle School.  I have been with the First Tee for 7 years and I am currently in the Birdie class.

 I started playing golf at the age of three years old and have had a passion for the game ever since. I have been playing competitively since 2018 and won 15 tournaments within the first two years. I enjoy playing with multiple leagues such as: STPGA, Beltway Jr. Golf Tour, and  PGA Jr. league. 

What are some things you like to do outside of Golf and the First Tee?
I love to paint, sing, act, play multiple instruments, and play video games. I have been in multiple productions for my church. I love playing video games such as: Animal Crossing, Breath of the wild, Super smash bros., Minecraft, and so much more! A little known fact about me is that I enjoy making and mixing music! It puts me in a good mood that lasts throughout the day!

What has been your favorite experience with the First Tee?
I have many favorite experiences! Such as making new friends, Learning new skills,
Seeing new people… it all means so much to me! Yet, there is one experience I will never forget. A couple of years ago, the First Tee asked me and two other kids to meet up with professional golfer, Joaquin Neimann. That was only the beginning. In Spring of 2020, they asked me to do a video call and show him around my practice area and my medals! Two weeks later, they asked for me to be in a commercial for the return of the PGA Tour. I was so excited! In summer of 2020, the commercial aired on live TV. I was freaking out!  

How did you get involved with the First Tee?
My Dad signed me up for the Tiny Tigers class at a Golf course that sadly, does not exist anymore. From then on, I have been with the First Tee ever since!

What are your future goals in Golf and in Life?
In golf, I would like to play in collegiate golf, then move on to the PGA Tour! Another goal in golf, is that I wish to be one of the most well-known golfers in human history! Even better than Tiger! But, I don’t want it for fame… I want everyone to know the dedication, the passion, and the fun of golf! In life, I would like to get a Phd in Neuroscience. Ever since I was a little kid, I fell in love with the medical field and medical science! When I was about four, maybe five, my dad bought me a health encyclopedia to read. Sure enough, in a matter of days, I had read it all! 

What would you like to say to the First Tee?
I would like to thank once again the coaching staff, the volunteers, executive director Carrie Kimbell and Sara Diaz, Manager, Marketing Strategy for the PGA Tour for the many opportunities with Joaquin Neimann. I would also like to thank Mrs. Resendis for giving me the opportunity to write this blog. You all have been such a help to achieve my dreams!

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  1. I would also like to thank My parents! They have supported me since the beginning! I love you guys so much!

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