Chloe & Taylor Israel: First Tee – Greater San Antonio Par Participants

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This week we are very excited to highlight two of our favorite siblings, Chloe (11) and Taylor (14). They have both been with First Tee – Greater San Antonio for two and a half years and are currently participating in our Par program.

What is your favorite accomplishment in golf so far? 
Chloe: My favorite accomplishment so far is being able to play 9 holes!
Taylor: The distance that I was able to hit the golf ball while playing for my school.

What has your First Tee experience been? 
Chloe: Going to play on golf courses with the group.
Taylor: It has been fun and has taught me a lot. It is where I learned to like golf.

What are some activities you like to do outside of school?  
Chloe: I like playing tennis, swimming, and riding bikes.
Taylor: I like to play tennis, play the violin, swim, and do things with my friends.

How did you get involved with the First Tee? 
Chloe and Taylor: Our mom’s cousin played golf in high school and told us how fun it was, so we signed up for Girls Golf through the First Tee to try it out.

Between school and your extracurricular activities how does First Tee aid in your success?  
Chloe: The First Tee has taught me honesty and respect which has helped me to be a more respectful person at school and at home.
Taylor: It has taught me core life values that have helped me in other aspects of life.

What are your future goals? 
Chloe: I want to be a pediatrician and to be able to play tennis when I am old and grey.
Taylor: I would like to be a neuroscientist or neurologist.

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